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17 December 2011 @ 07:32 pm
I was really bad for my only true friend. I was testing her for fun. We had quarelled (just as a jokes) that I missed her more and so on. So I didn't talk to her for a little while. That's cruel I know that, but well... I'm sorry babe, but I don't feel that I've done something wrong. You know that I love you and I know that you love me, so I'm able to forgive you everything and I think that you too. I mean that's great right? That we have such a bond. Anyway I feel that she was really mad at me at first... but now everything is fine.

Then I'm challenging myself. I'm trying to eat every day and regulary, but this is not so easy, with my tendency to forget about meal. For example now I'm eating some fruits and this is my second meal today... and it's 7 o'clock here. Gosh why I am so fucking not good for myself? I don't realise how much I hurt myself and even if I see that... I can do nothing to stop this. This is like addiction. I hate it so much, but I can't do anything to stop it. Or maybe I am not trying...

I should also study hard but I am too lazy for that. The Christmas atmosphere just gave me another reason to be depressed. I don't like Christmas. I know that people are crazy about this and so on. They are buying lot of presents and then they are spending time with family. There is love and so on. Yeah, right. For me Christmas always were and will be something really sad. My family also spent time together, but there was no love, only fucking illusion of that feeling. This year I'm not going anywhere. I also didn't believe in God so much, so I'm spending my Christmas at home, alone. And I feel happy because of that. There is even no snow. Perfect. I really love snow and I want it for Christmas, because if there is snow, there is magical feeling and even if there were that faking smiles or something then snow just made me happy. This year everything will be not right, but I'm ok with that.

Oh and I totally forgot. I was watching "Nabari no ou" all week and this is definately my favourite anime ever. I think I could watch it over and over again. It was my second time and I found it even more interesting than before. Just some spaming here ^^ And I like the characters and the plot so yeah I think I will spend my Christmas with "Nabari no ou" once again.
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11 December 2011 @ 02:35 pm
Title:  Jin as a Teacher - how to relax?
Author: jinpi_max
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, romance
Beta: unbetaed
Disclaimer: The plot is mine and boys belong to themselves.
Summary: Kazuya Kamenashi is a hardworking person. He doesn't know how to relax and the situation changes when Jin arrives.

A/N: This is my first story in English and I'm totaly sure it is poor and so on, but my muse: said that if I wouldn't be trying then my English doesn't have chance to develop. So the story is for you dear Pin! <3

to the ficCollapse )
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10 December 2011 @ 08:35 pm
Today I was on the pool with few of my friends. Well they're not my true friends, just some of school mates. From October I study Medicine in the capital city of Poland and this is not city, when I was born and then when I lived till now. I don't really like it. The city is dirty and so big well not as big as New York, but this is another story and not for today . Anyway I hate this city and I don't think so that my choose was good. I prefer smaller cities such as Sanok or even Ustrzyki Górne. I used to love bigger cities but now I think I changed a little. I would never supposed that I can admit that but yeah I changed a lot actually. And I don't know if this is good or not, but now I'm better person or I suppose to be better person . I'm not crazy about parties all the time and drinking so much. So it is a change.

Oh well but I came here today to say a little about pool and my way back to home. My babe yeah I am talking about you babe! sometimes says that I am not lucky person and every single bad thing will happen to me. And you know what? I'm starting believe her. I was walking back to home, when that person appeared. He was about 23 or something like that and he was deadly drunk. He was walking and singing "God bless you!" and then he saw me. I didn't suppose that he can do me something bad or so, but I was wrong. He started run and he grabbed my shirt. He was yelling that shit about God and then he punched me in stomach. If there is a God, then I don't think that he is a fair person. I was really lucky because then the police man came and he took that bastard from me. Yeah I really am not so lucky I guess.

That was my not-so-great Saturday. I hope that my Sunday will be better well yeah of course it will with books and learning. What a great weekend...
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09 December 2011 @ 10:12 pm
Hello everyone!
Long time no see...
I'm totally a jerk here, I forgot about LJ, 'cause I had so many things to do and oh my Gosh... to much to talk about it.
I don't even know if there is any sense in having LJ... because I don't really know what should I write here.
So maybe I should say some words about me? Nah, I guess not. I'm not an interesting person. And I study medicine and to be the truth I should study English, but it wasn't challenge for me (I'm stupid? Yeah I guess so...). So okay... I'm not talking more....

Is there anyone, who would like the little and not so cute monster?
That's all... maybe I should not take to many interest in online things?

Anyway... I'm planning buy a proffesional microphone.... woah so scary!
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29 September 2011 @ 03:38 pm
Welcome to my little world! 
World of crazy minds, fantasies and ideas!!!
Because I am who I am and nothing will change it!

A wszystko przez pewną, małą osóbkę, z którą mam przyjemność pisać i poznawać ją na nowo. Osóbkę, która o mnie nie zapomniała, mimo, że czasem jestem okropnym zapominalskim i olewam sobie wszystkich i wszystko. Tak czy siak, to przez nią zakładam tę stronę, choć nie wiem na jak długo starczy mi zapału do prowadzenia jej. Jeszcze nie zdecydowałem, czy będę ją prowadził w języku ojczystym, czy po angielsku. Z pewnością będą to dziwne miksy, a spod moich palców wychodzą czasem takie idee, że głowa boli.
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